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      It's not the best place we have been to but the sushi is quite delicious. We like the crunchy roll, yum yum and white tiger (favorite). Service is excellent as well.

    thumb Matt M.

      Meh. The rating is 2.5. The food is average and the service is slightly below average. My friend and I were here during lunch service. She and I shared the gyoza and shumai appetizers, and they were just okay. Nothing overly good. I had the spicy tuna roll, and she had the shrimp tempura. Again, very basic rolls which tasted basic.

    thumb Jennifer W.

      Horrible horrible place .. service was horrible, waitress took 30 mins to take our order all she was doin was starring at us from the counter.. she then came and asked us what do we want without offering a beverage to start with like a normal restraunt would do.. we had then gave her the order.. after that never seen her again the bus boy was doing her job as we asked him for everything since she wasnt checking up on us no fork was given either .. do not spend your money here i highly do not recommend this place .. TAKE MY WORD!!

    thumb Joe J.

      The food itself was fair enough. My issue was with the staff. We came in and were asked "how many?" I replied with "two, please." The host grabbed menus and walked off. He threw them on a table as he walked by. We were never told to follow so, we assumed that was our table and sat down. After almost 10 minutes,  our waitress addressed us and took our order. She was, initially,  very short with us and seemed annoyed. She took our order and walked off. When the order came, we were missing or sides of sauces. After over 5 minutes of flagging her down, she approached us. We asked (again) for our sides. When she brought them, she fumbled and dumped the sauce directly onto my sweater and slacks. She brought a towel for me to clean up with. I had to ask for a new drink because it was covered as well. There was NO attempt to right the situation at all. We, reluctantly,  paid the full price of the bill and left. I will never step for in this establishment again and would recommend you don't either.  There are far better sushi places near by with MUCH friendlier staff.

    thumb Amanda C.

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