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      Went in on a Saturday evening with my wife. It wasn't crowded at all. We were sat immediately. Ordered drinks. We both like diet Pepsi and were assured they had it. A lady brought us our drinks, and then disappeared. It wasn't Pepsi. It wasn't even Lenard's fountain diet cola, it was just bad. But we couldn't complain if we wanted to (and we did want to). The problem was that there was no one to complain to! There was no one to take our order either. We sat, looking for someone to speak with for 5 minutes. That's when we got up and left. As we were walking to the exit, the same lady that brought us our drinks appeared, smiled, and said "Have a good evening". That's when we discovered the sushi counter at Kroger at Michigan Ave. and Outer Drive. Made as you wait! It was delicious!

    thumb Phred N.

      Very tasty and fresh sashimi, sushi rolls, Korean food, and even Korean Chinese food like kanpoongi and tang soo yuk.  Omg do full and happy.

    thumb Min Jung K.

      The sushi was pretty good. Not the best but most certainly not the worst. Now the reason I'm not giving them four stars is because of the servers service. TOOK FOREVER. finally after getting my sushi rolls from the guy behind the bar, he realized I had not been given chop sticks, napkins, or soy sauce bowls. He then proceeded to point to the corner of the restaurant, where they were all piled up (the servers corner), so I had to get up and get them myself....which don't get me wrong I'm not a princess but pretty sure when I go out to eat and pay extra for service I should get it.... really working for that tip!

    thumb Porsha H.

      Abbhorantly disappointing sushi place. The fish has no flavor and tastes like it's been been sitting in the freezer for a few months. And you'd think they'd be cheap with how bad the quality is, but they manage to charge an exorbitant price. Worst sushi place I've been to by far.

    thumb Sean T.

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