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      Haven't had the chance to eat there but have at the Osushi in Canton. The place in Canton is way to small. I hope that the one in  Dearborn is a little larger. Do they have Shabu shabu on the menu and if they do how was it? I really enjoy cooking sukiyaki at the table and love downing Asahi lite and of course hot saki. If they do have sukiyaki is there anyone that has an opinion?

    thumb Ron M.

      Food is good but man the staff is rude here. Hostess or lack of hostess basically. They're always kind of snapping at you or just waving you off to find a seat. And they forgot to put the veggies in one of our orders today which was a take our order :(

    thumb Jenn R.

      O'Sushi is, as stated in other reviews, hit--or-miss. Sometimes, it's all right, but recently, the establishment seems be be lacking in quality in regard to service, taste and presentation.

    On my most recent trip, I was charged for two ginger salads which I never received, and the rice around the vegetable rolls seemed excessive and chewy.

    It certainly wouldn't be my first choice for sushi.

    thumb Samantha R.

      Our service tonight was no different than any other time that we have came. The only thing that brings me back is the food. We were sat and then asked what we wanted to drink but the waiter turned away and started a conversation just as we were about to tell him what we wanted. He brought our drinks 5 minutes later and then I asked for sugar for my tea and the waiter looked at me like I was an alien. He later disappeared and a new waitress started helping us. She was wonderful. She took our order, brought me the sugar that I asked for 10 minutes previously and served our food in a timely manner. She checked on us and refilled our drinks without is having to ask. Then the male waiter shows up again and attempts to grab the empty plates from the table only to be interrupted by a ringing cell phone in his pocket. He took the plate after standing there awkwardly for a while. A few minutes go by and he just places the bill on the table. Didn't ask if we wanted anything else or if we needed boxes. Which I clearly did need a box. I don't understand how they can employ a waiter with absolutely no manners or personality. He wears bright yellow glasses and walks around with a frown. Absolutely do not like him. Needless to say, he didn't receive a tip but she did. SERVICE IS TERRIBLE.

    thumb Sam O.

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