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      The house salad was sub-par, veggie combo roll was less than stellar and the veggie tempura let me wanting to be...anywhere but here. I was reluctant to go to anywhere for sushi other than Crave, but I went and I regret the decision to stay at work and eat the simple but tasty quesadilla I could have made for my lunch instead today. If I eat sushi, it has to be super fresh or blow-me-away good, the sushi food at O'Sushi was none of the above. Going back again and many times since I found the Korean spicy beef soup was really delicious and hit the spot perfectly. I like their Korean food menu better than the sushi.

    thumb Nicole E.

      O'Sushi .... although the name is a bit odd, they do have good sushi.  

    O'Sushi has a very nice atmosphere and draws a large lunch crowd.

    I love the spicy selections that they have to offer and this was the first time I have ever experienced tempura sushi. The crisp breading around the sushi roll brings out so much flavor in the rolls. This was also my first experience at having a sushi roll that had a piece of jalepeno  rolled up in the center. This is definitely a way to kick it up a notch an bring something to the table that is unexpected.

    O'Sushi.. you have just become my favorite sushi restaurant.

    thumb Wally S.

      Honestly this sushi location is so hit and miss. I don't know if they change their chef often,  but sometimes I go in there and their sushi can be amazing...while other times the rice taste really dry and stale. If you want a real good sushi place I would suggest their other sister location in Canton, Michigan. I'll still go here when I'm in a quick fix and in the area...but there are a lot of good competition in the area with amazing foods.

    thumb Dia B.

      I had the vegetarian platter and it wasn't the best I have had-seemed bland. Their selection was lacking- I wish they had the sweet potato roll. My friend had the pizza roll and said it was fabulous.

    thumb Nancy Z.

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