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      Honestly this sushi location is so hit and miss. I don't know if they change their chef often,  but sometimes I go in there and their sushi can be amazing...while other times the rice taste really dry and stale. If you want a real good sushi place I would suggest their other sister location in Canton, Michigan. I'll still go here when I'm in a quick fix and in the area...but there are a lot of good competition in the area with amazing foods.

    thumb Dia B.

      Food is good but man the staff is rude here. Hostess or lack of hostess basically. They're always kind of snapping at you or just waving you off to find a seat. And they forgot to put the veggies in one of our orders today which was a take our order :(

    thumb Jenn R.

      Came here for a quick lunch with my husband. We tried O'Sushi a little over a year ago and decided to give it another try. We ordered 2 special rolls and 2 basic rolls (refer to my picture) and it totaled up to $31 which was great. The staff is super friendly and the service is quick. Our sushi came out in less than 10 minutes. The quality was really fresh and the rolls are a good size. The "Great Wall" was my favorite (especially if you like torched salmon). I will definitely be coming back to try out the other selections of sushi.

    thumb Zee Z.

      Sushi is okay at best. What takes it from 2.5 stars to 2 is the horrible service. We got there at 8:15 on a Wednesday (they close at 10).  They didn't bring out one of our rolls and basically shut the lights out at 9:30. Just brought the check without checking in on us. Ambiance is zero. Might be an okay lunch spot maybe if they have specials.

    thumb Evan F.

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