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      The staff of women are only out for tips. I came in at 9pm and they made me pay at 923 pm. Then they hung out by my table waiting for me to leave. The worse service in all of Dearborn. I visited on three other occasions and service was atrocious. Do not go there in the evening. The women severs lack any manners or hospitality. They will surround you until you tip or leave. The restaurant has very good food but a staff of women that speak very little English but are rude and just want you to leave.

    thumb John C.

      O'Sushi is, as stated in other reviews, hit--or-miss. Sometimes, it's all right, but recently, the establishment seems be be lacking in quality in regard to service, taste and presentation.

    On my most recent trip, I was charged for two ginger salads which I never received, and the rice around the vegetable rolls seemed excessive and chewy.

    It certainly wouldn't be my first choice for sushi.

    thumb Samantha R.

      We came for an early dinner on a Sunday evening because sadly kabuki was closed for remodeling. I was really craving sushi so I gave this place a try.
    We walked in and we noticed that there was only two waitresses. One sat us down and 10 min later we got a menu. (We kinda wanted to leave at this point)
    At the same time a big party came in (once we got our menus) and they got menus right away and drinks right away and their order taken 10 min into their stay.
    5 min later we get our order in, which sadly now we had a huge order in front of just the two of us.
    We got 3 rolls, miso soup, salads and waters.
    We did not get a water until we got our food(30 min into our dinning experience) We asked for them 3 times the lady was apologetic, which was ok.
    Sushi was just ok, they were spicy and just again ok.
    Miso soup was good as any other restaurant and their salads too.
    I guess they were short handed according to a conversation the waitresses was having w a customer.

    I was just not happy since it was my first experience.  Truly I just wanted to get my sushi and leave.

    thumb Denisse R.

      I had the vegetarian platter and it wasn't the best I have had-seemed bland. Their selection was lacking- I wish they had the sweet potato roll. My friend had the pizza roll and said it was fabulous.

    thumb Nancy Z.

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