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      The service here is awful and the food is bland. The waitresses act like you're a burden more than anything. The past 5 times I've been there I've had nothing nice to say about the experience. If you want good sushi and nice service, go to Kabuki across the street.

    thumb Mikaela A.

      Just don't bother putting yourself in a situation where you are eating terrible food. I ordered a salmon roll and they used smoked salmon from the packets they sell at Kroger. I promise you can get better quality sushi from a grocery store.

    So many wonderful restaurants in the area. Avoid this one. Service is not the best either and most importantly the food is awful.

    thumb Mariam J.

      Went in on a Saturday evening with my wife. It wasn't crowded at all. We were sat immediately. Ordered drinks. We both like diet Pepsi and were assured they had it. A lady brought us our drinks, and then disappeared. It wasn't Pepsi. It wasn't even Lenard's fountain diet cola, it was just bad. But we couldn't complain if we wanted to (and we did want to). The problem was that there was no one to complain to! There was no one to take our order either. We sat, looking for someone to speak with for 5 minutes. That's when we got up and left. As we were walking to the exit, the same lady that brought us our drinks appeared, smiled, and said "Have a good evening". That's when we discovered the sushi counter at Kroger at Michigan Ave. and Outer Drive. Made as you wait! It was delicious!

    thumb Phred N.

      Came here for a quick lunch with my husband. We tried O'Sushi a little over a year ago and decided to give it another try. We ordered 2 special rolls and 2 basic rolls (refer to my picture) and it totaled up to $31 which was great. The staff is super friendly and the service is quick. Our sushi came out in less than 10 minutes. The quality was really fresh and the rolls are a good size. The "Great Wall" was my favorite (especially if you like torched salmon). I will definitely be coming back to try out the other selections of sushi.

    thumb Zee Z.

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