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      The house salad was sub-par, veggie combo roll was less than stellar and the veggie tempura let me wanting to be...anywhere but here. I was reluctant to go to anywhere for sushi other than Crave, but I went and I regret the decision to stay at work and eat the simple but tasty quesadilla I could have made for my lunch instead today. If I eat sushi, it has to be super fresh or blow-me-away good, the sushi food at O'Sushi was none of the above. Going back again and many times since I found the Korean spicy beef soup (Yukaejang) was really delicious and hit the spot perfectly. I like their Korean food menu better than the sushi here.
    Yukaejang beef soup is my favorite here still. Wear dark clothes or prepare to sport some red soup sauce on your threads if you slurp up your soup and noodles like the locals do here. Don't have a pic because I down the soup before I think to get a picture, it's that yummy.
    Their Cali and sushi is as good as any other good sushi spot.
    Good bibimbap and you can replace the beef with chicken. Miso and ginger salads are good starters here. Carry out even looks and smells good.
    I like Japanese Korean combination restaurant because you have the best of both worlds as far as food options goes.
    Got a special Cali with green onions and cream cheese, miso soup and the house salad. My colleague got the avocado and cucumber roll and the spicy chicken, it's not breaded and is pan fried, sweet but spicy from the gochujang paste. My Cali special rolls were good.

    thumb Nicole E.

      This is our usual lunch spot. I've been here at least 20 times within the last year. The sushi is not as good to me as my favorite sushi spot but the food is great! The house salad with the ginger dressing is a MUST! It's soooooo good!!! The service is always quick and the food is always hot and fresh!

    thumb Greg D.

      We came for an early dinner on a Sunday evening because sadly kabuki was closed for remodeling. I was really craving sushi so I gave this place a try.
    We walked in and we noticed that there was only two waitresses. One sat us down and 10 min later we got a menu. (We kinda wanted to leave at this point)
    At the same time a big party came in (once we got our menus) and they got menus right away and drinks right away and their order taken 10 min into their stay.
    5 min later we get our order in, which sadly now we had a huge order in front of just the two of us.
    We got 3 rolls, miso soup, salads and waters.
    We did not get a water until we got our food(30 min into our dinning experience) We asked for them 3 times the lady was apologetic, which was ok.
    Sushi was just ok, they were spicy and just again ok.
    Miso soup was good as any other restaurant and their salads too.
    I guess they were short handed according to a conversation the waitresses was having w a customer.

    I was just not happy since it was my first experience.  Truly I just wanted to get my sushi and leave.

    thumb Denisse R.

      Meh. The rating is 2.5. The food is average and the service is slightly below average. My friend and I were here during lunch service. She and I shared the gyoza and shumai appetizers, and they were just okay. Nothing overly good. I had the spicy tuna roll, and she had the shrimp tempura. Again, very basic rolls which tasted basic.

    thumb Jennifer W.

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